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Is cleaning a PC easy??
How and when to run your utilities that maintain your
computer protection and longevity.
Utilities instructions to maintain your PC

Simply put, you will need to learn a few more steps to safeguard your PC if you use the internet. I have been
installing these simple but powerful tools on every PC that I have the priveledge to work on. Using these on a
regular basis, will show you that no matter which program you are led to believe that will protect you
completely, cannot live up to their word! You need to have several separate programs these days to keep your
system running as it is designed to perform.

Many causes of system slowdowns can be caused by a dusty fan. Most PC’s have a fan for the CPU, one in the
case, and one in the power supply to maintain the proper temperature range, and even on some video cards .
If these fans become loaded with dust, dander, oils or spider webs, you stand a good chance of compromising
your performance and ultimately risk an overheat failure. That will result in replacement of the motherboard,
the power supply, the CPU, RAM, or even the video card if it has a fan on it. This is why I insist on cleaning
these fans 2-3 times a year, and even more often if you have animals in the home. They have dander and stir
up extra dust and carpet fibers that eventually find their way into the delicate workings of your PC. If this
happens, and failure of these parts need repair, it is better that you invest in a new PC. Why? Because the
labor and re-installation of the operating system and all the updates, and software that has to be reloaded can
cost you more than the PC is worth.

Mailwasher Pro  allows you to see what is in your email before you download it. it will also bounce, delete and
blacklist it the next time it comes knocking on your pop3 door

protection through a server
will never allow questionable websites to pry into your life.

Regarding downloading updates from Microsoft, here are some important considerations:

when you are notified of updates to Windows via that little
Microsoft icon appears near the clock, always go for
the "Custom" install button so that you can see what updates are in the list.
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